From Russia With Love

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We would like to thank Mrs. Elena Kamenskaya and her husband Andrew for visiting us at Moonstone Elementary School yesterday. Mrs. Kamenskaya is the director of the Lingva-Plus Linguistic School in Artyom, Russia. Here are some of the images of the students at their school (ages 3-17).

iEARN International Conference In Pune, India – Early Bird Registration

conferencelogo copyRegistration is now open for the 2016 iEARNInternational Conference and Youth Summit inPune, India. iEARN-India is offering and early bird registration rate, saving $100 on the registration fee, to participants who pay before November 15th. Check out the conference website for more information about the event, theme, organizers, and registration at

Polar Bears International Web Conferences

00473-47315Jennifer Corrierio, founder and executive Director of TakingITGlobal will be in Churchill Manitoba with Polar Bears International. documenting the polar bear migration. She will be travelling in  Tundra Buggy along with climate change specialists and scientists. They will be connecting LIVE to schools across Canada, talking about climate change and sending live video of polar bears migrating. It truly is an incredible experience to be able to talk to the scientists while watching polar bears right outside their window.
This special event requires registration. Information about the sessions and how to register can be found at:

Centre for Global Education

Climate Change In My Backyard

Screenshot 2015-10-22 11.33.28Climate Change in My Backyard is an initiative to  create and share artwork to depict what climate change looks like throughout the world. The work is shared on a global gallery and then will be  displayed at the COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris this December. For more information regarding the project, please visit:

Climate Change in My Backyard

Teddy Bear Project

42_teddybear_lThe Teddy Bear Project is one of the most popular projects within iEARN. The registration is ongoing, however, it is advisable to set up your collaboration partnership early on in the year.
To find a partner for the Teddy Bear Project, visit:

Teddy Bear Project

Holiday Card Exchange

108_holidaycard_lThe Holiday Card Exchange has been a very popular and successful project that invites your students to learn about holidays and celebrations from around the world while sharing Canadian traditions and holidays with others. This card exchange is a wonderful opportunity to learn with other classrooms from around the world while creating cards and messages.

The registration for this project ends October 31. If you are interested in additional information or would like to register for the project, please go to:

Holiday Card Exchange

Fall News

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Welcome Back to school everyone. We hope that you had a great start to the new school year. Over the past few weeks, we have had many new teachers join us from all over Canada! Welcome.

 A new school beginning is a great time to start thinking about some projects that may interest you and your students.

 All of the projects are listed in the Collaboration Centre. To access the collaboration centre, please go to:

 iEARN Collaboration Centre

 If you are new to iEARN, there are tutorials that you can access to help you meet teachers, join projects and have your students collaborate with others. You can find these tutorials if you follow this link:

 Projects such as Holiday Cards, Daffodils, Teddy Bear and Origami are looking for project partners right now, so if you are interested in any of these projects, please visit and join the project page.

 During the conference in Brazil, we learned about a couple of new and really exciting projects. Hip Hop on the Spot is one where the students connect using dance and music. The students over the globe learn and fun Hip Hop dance and together, they create a fun music video.

For information about Hip Hop on the Spot, go to:

 Hip Hop on the Spot Project

 The members of the iEARN Youth have created a wonderful project called “Our Storybook”. This project is one that will not take too much time, but enables students to create a collaborative storybook. Essentially, the story begins by students in one country creating a few paragraphs and some artwork then the story is sent to another class to be built on. The story is written by 5 or 6 classes and then published using an on line story creator. This project will definitely support your literacy programs while connecting to classes globally. For more information, go to:

 Our Storybook Project

 Another fantastic way to meet other classes  is joining a Learning Circle. There are several different themes you can explore; My Hero, Bat Chen Diaries, Mind Works are all incredible projects that support many curriculum goals while students truly learn with and from each other. There is more information on the learning circle page:

Some of the most popular iEARN projects are Learning Circles. There are several topics to explore with international classes. The first session of Learning Circles are accepting registrations now for collaborations beginning at the beginning of October. These projects are facilitated by experienced educators and are well participated by international classrooms. To learn more about Learning Circles and to register, please go to:

 Learning Circles Registration

 If you have any questions about joining projects or Learning Circles, please feel free to ask us for assistance. We’d be happy to help you connect!