New To iEARN – Registration

step_one If you are in Canada, in order to participate in iEARN projects, you must first be registered with iEARN-Canada. Registration is a two step process.

1) First, please  fill and submit in your information via the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

2) The second step is payment. The fee structure for iEARN-Canada is as follows:
$25 – per year for an individual teacher
$100 – per year for a school with up to eight teachers
$200 – per year for a school with more than eight teachers.

You must then wait for approval. Approval is not automated and can take 24 hours. Please contact us if you have both registered and made payment and have not been activated within 24 hours.



 iEARN-Canada is a non-profit organization run by teachers. Fees collected are used to pay for upkeep such as country fees to iEARN and web site maintenance. If you are unable to pay this fee, please let us know in the additional comment field when submitting your information to the Collaboration Centre or contact us at


Once registered the fun begins! You can check out the many projects by going to the Collaboration Space, downloading the Project Book and/or have a look at our Projects page.

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